Is your website just a billboard?

In the right hands it can be a virtual sales rep, a lead generation machine, a way to connect shoppers to your happiest customers, and the best place to show off everything that makes your company shine.

Contractor Calls builds smart, sophisticated websites for roofers that are packed full of features to help companies like yours excel. From smart lead capture forms that help you pre-qualify leads to responsive styles that look great on any device, our team is ready to make your website the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Together with our battle-tested roofing SEO campaigns, our websites have helped roofing contractors like you reach new heights for nearly a decade.

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Ryan Kelly, owner of Kelly Roofing in Sonora, CA
“My revenue has gone up and advertising has gone down a ton. They also spruced up my website to be much more appealing. I’ve been happy since the day I started using them.”

Ryan Kelly · Kelly Roofing

Our Roofing SEO Campaigns Can Generate the Perfect Calls for You

  • Roof replacement
  • New construction roofing
  • Emergency roof repairs
  • Commercial & flat roofing systems
  • Gutter installation and replacement
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Skylight installation
  • Solar panel installation
  • And more

How SEO Works for Roofing Contractors

Lead & Demand Generation

For many roofing companies, lead generation is priority one. It’s impossible to get every job you bid, so the short term goal is to bid as many jobs as possible. If it’s sheer volume you want, we can deliver. Our smart, highly-targeted SEO campaigns have put our clients on top of some of the biggest markets in the country, generating hundreds of leads for the jobs they love most.


As roofers know all too well, it’s easy to lose jobs to cheap competitors who will over promise and under deliver. With that in mind, the second stage of our campaign is to build your branding.  We’ll help show your audience  that price shouldn’t be the only factor that goes into choosing a roofer. Our team will work with you to find new local partnerships and sponsorship opportunities, new ways to show off your industry experience, and new ways to show off your track record as a quality roofing contractor. We’ll also optimize your branded search, so customers will see the best and most relevant profiles when searching for your business by name.

Refining Your Leads

Over time, we’ll work with you to make sure that we’re generating the right kinds of leads for your business. Our SEO campaigns can adapt to help you sell you ideal service, neighborhood, or type of client. Whether you prefer new construction roofing jobs, commercial re-roofing, residential storm repairs, or gutter replacement, we’ll get you there together.

Roofing SEO FAQs

How Long Will SEO Take for my Roofing Business?

If we’re optimizing an existing site, or rebuilding a site on an old domain, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months to see real results. If we’re starting a new site on a new domain, it can take anywhere from 6-12 months to rank well enough to generate significant call volume.

But SEO doesn’t happen in isolation. Your reviews, your sponsorships and memberships, your market, and your competition all play a big role. If you want a personalized timing estimate, contact us today.

What Do You Do Each Month?

Our exact mix of SEO activities changes from month to month, based on your priorities and our resources. Each month, we usually deliver a mix of link building, technical SEO improvements, content development and marketing, citation and profile development, and more.

How Will I Know It’s Working?

If you’re like most of our roofers, you probably don’t care about the latest tech jargon, and that’s fine by us.

While other roofing SEO agencies send 50 pages of charts, graphs, and other data points to make your head spin, we like to keep it simple. Each month, you’ll get a straightforward report on progress since last time, what we worked on, and what we’re planning next.

We can also set up a trackable phone number and contact forms to show you your lead growth over time, so you can better understand your investment. ‘

Finally, you’re always welcome to speak with any of our clients to learn about their experiences working with us.

Is SEO Right for Me?

The truth is that it’s not right for every roofer. SEO might not be a good fit it:

  • Your market is extremely competitive
  • Another roofer already has a big head start
  • You have lots of 1-star reviews
  • You’re more interested in short-term growth and controlling costs than long-term growth

Why Do Roofers Need SEO?

Consider your options:

  • Pay per click ads are hard to justify when so many customers are just shopping around
  • Lead gen networks like HomeAdvisor push roofers to compete on price and race to the bottom
  • Referral networks take a lot of time to develop and may limit your type of client
  • Flyers, lawn signs, and paper marketing materials help you sell neighboring jobs, but generally don’t help you break into new neighborhoods

On the other hand, SEO:

  • Helps you get more value out of your reviews, memberships, associations, and other marketing investments
  • Lets you capture bid requests without paying for them individually
  • Helps your business develop momentum that can keep other competitors out of your market
  • Earns more trust form customers, since highly-ranked companies look more legitimate
  • Lets you specify your ideal customer or type of lead
  • Creates online business relationships that can have offline benefits

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