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Ryyan Murphy, owner of Irish Heating & Air in Tracy, CA

“Since I started using them I have seen my call rate go from 2-3 calls a day to 12-15 calls in only 3 months time. My website is ranking on the first page of search results right at the top in my local areas.

Thanks guys for all that you have done to help my business grow. Look forward to a long standing business relationship.”

Brandon Simpson · Simpson Plumbing Services

Ryyan Murphy, owner of Irish Heating & Air in Tracy, CA

“Contractor Calls is one of the few things I’ve encountered in business that pays for itself 50 fold. It’s allowed my business to grow steadily over past couple years and my prices to be on par with the bigger companies.”

Ryyan Murphy · Irish Heating and Air

“These guys are great! I’ve used Contractor Calls will success over the last few years and consider them one of the most important parts of my marketing efforts. Clean sites and easy to work with.”

“I am Eric from East Bay Renovations and I love the way Glen and his team operate on creating my website. They are great at what they do. They helped me on optimizing my website, and putting my business name on all main web searches. I would definitely recommend them! Thanks for your great work!”

Heriberto D. · East Bay Renovations

“In the 14 years of having this business I have worked with 3 other SEO companies with Contractor Calls being the 4th one. My primary dealings have been with Joe for the past year or so and he has always gone way beyond the scope of our contract together in addressing my needs. We have actually become kind of friends even sharing our personal life issues at times with each other. His knowledge of the industry is superb and I am getting excellent results for the amount of $ being spent compared to my experience and results in the past with the other companies. Since I am not technical I have gone to him and he has helped me in several occasions with non-SEO related issues such as advising me on what type of a computer to buy, the best anti-virus protection software, etc. Furthermore, he has helped me clean up a lot of website issues that were negatively affecting my Google rankings, updating our Google Map’s listing, helping with website hosting issues at time, etc. For as long as I own and operate this company, I will NOT change to any other SEO service and I HIGHLY recommend his services. Besides his extensive knowledge of the SOE business, he is also a very caring and customer oriented individual which is exactly who I am (just see what my customers say about me on Google and on my website’s testimonials page) and that is the reason for us getting along so well both personally and professionally.”

Paul Bozorg. · Green Junk Removal

“I had advertising everywhere; newspaper, phone book, local magazines, etc. we all know those usually cost more than your getting in return. At this point in time I dropped all my other advertising and only use Contractor Calls. My revenue has gone up and advertising has gone down a ton. They also spruced up my website to be much more appealing.  I’ve been happy since the day I started using them.”

Ryan Kelly. · Kelly Roofing