Are you Getting Screwed by your SEO Provider?

Finding a good SEO provider is hard. Take our quiz to see if you're getting good value out of your current SEO company.

1. Did your SEO provider guarantee rankings?
SEO is competitive, and no one can predict what your competitors are going to do next. That's why guaranteeing results is a huge red flag!
2. How does your SEO provider deliver reporting?
3. Does your SEO provider understand how your business works?
4. Do you like the way that your SEO provider's content represents your business?
5. Do you understand what you're getting from your SEO provider?
6. Can Your SEO provider explain what they're doing, and why, in a way that you understand?
7. What KPIs (key performance indicators) does your SEO provider report?
8. What SEO elements does your provider work on?
8. Does your SEO provider avoid giving you bad news?