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Does your irrigation business need more customers to thrive?

When most people need help with their sprinkler system, they start by searching for “sprinkler repair” or “sprinkler installation” on Google. In fact, 93% of online experiences begin with a search, and 47% of clicks go to the top three results. If you’re not one of them, you’re missing out on some serious business.

So how do you get there?

That’s where SEO for irrigation contractors comes in. Our tried-and-true SEO tactics have helped sprinkler contractors throughout the U.S. consistently outrank the competition. Combined with our feature-packed web designs and other online marketing tactics, we’ve helped business like yours grow, cement their reputations, and generate more calls than they can handle.

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Why SEO for Sprinkler Repair?

Search engine results page showing top rankings for sprinkler repair company

Most homeowners aren’t going to spend a lot of time shopping around for a sprinkler repair company. Instead, they search for “sprinkler repair near me,” click the first result, and hope for the best. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is all about making you that first result.

  • Higher volume than Google Ads. Out of every 100 people that search for “sprinkler repair near me,” roughly 8-12 click on the Google Ads, and 22 click on the first natural search result. That means the company that invests in SEO has the potential to earn 3x as many leads as the company that invests in Google Ads.
  • More reliable than paper advertising. Leave behinds, flyers, physical coupons, and yard signs are a great way to get a little repeat business, but they can dry up and disappear just as quickly. SEO is built to last.
  • Better leads than Craigslist. People who start by searching on Craigslist are usually looking for cheap, unlicensed contractors. People who start by searching on Google are more serious about paying reasonable rates for high quality work.
  • Easy to add other services. Does your company do more than sprinkler repair and installation? It’s easy to add other services like winterization, landscape lighting, landscape maintenance, yard clean-ups, and landscape installation, to your SEO plan. We can also help you develop new services to make the off season more profitable.

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Ryyan Murphy, owner of Irish Heating & Air in Tracy, CA
“Contractor Calls is one of the few things I’ve encountered in business that pays for itself 50 fold. It’s allowed my business to grow steadily over past couple years and my prices to be on par with the bigger companies.”

Ryyan Murphy · Irish Heating and Air

Websites that Help Your Sprinkler Business Grow

We believe your website should be an investment, not an obligation.

Our irrigation contractor web designs include:

  • Unique and engaging branding that helps you stand out from the competition
  • Information about your services, specialties, and industry advice written by experts
  • SEO features that help your website rank in your hometown and beyond
  • Responsive designs, so your website will look great on any size device
  • Blogs that go beyond the basics, to help establish you as the authority on irrigation
  • Social media integrations to help you grow your followers and get more out of your followings
  • Review site integrations to help you grow and get more out of your reputation
  • Coupons to increase demand during the offseason
  • Calls to action that compel customers to contact you with a call or click
  • FAQs and policy information that help your leads convert
  • And more
Website for AquaFlo Sprinklers in Coral Springs, Florida

FAQs About Our Sprinkler Contractor Marketing

What services do you offer?

Our focus is web design & SEO, but we can also help with social media management, PPC ad campaigns, and more.

How much do you charge?

The price we charge varies from market to market, depending on your geographical area, competition, and which other services you offer. Speak with one of our team members to get a price for your market.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of earning more and higher-quality traffic for you from Google searches. For companies like yours, it means ranking first for searches like “sprinkler repair Topeka” or “sprinkler repair Denver,” and then getting those people to call you for work. That’s why we’re called Contractor Calls: because our first priority is getting you more business!

SEO is a process that touches on every aspect of your business online. That includes building a great website, developing city landing pages, blogging, helping you get reviews, building social media profiles, and a lot more. Investing in your SEO also helps in other ways, like helping you attract new employees, supporting word-of-mouth marketing, and more.

While SEO is an ongoing process that takes some time to get started, the long-term benefits are hard to ignore. Many of our sprinkler repair clients get more business than they can handle!

If you’re new to the world of SEO, you might also want to check out our article, “How SEO works: the Plain English Version.”

What’s unique about SEO for irrigation contractors?

SEO for irrigation contractors requires a few unique skills.

First, you need to understand the irrigation industry and its regional differences. If you don’t produce content for people in Annapolis who need blowouts, people in Boca Raton who need well pump repair, and people in Tucson who need drip system repair, you’re going to miss out on a lot of great leads.

Second, you need to understand how to do content marketing in a boring industry. If your blog is full of posts like “5 signs you need sprinkler repair” and “why good sprinkler repair matters,” no one will ever read it ever again. Producing high quality & useful content that people will love to read requires a lot of experience.

Third, you need to understand how to rank outside of your hometown. If you want to generate leads from 20 miles away, you can’t just flip a switch and get them. It takes careful planning behind the scenes to build the kind of signals that Google wants to see, instead of the ones that will get your site penalized.

The good news is that our extensive experience with SEO for sprinkler companies means that you won’t gave to waste resources on a campaign that might not work. If we don’t believe we can get great results for you, we don’t work with you. Period. That’s the Contractor Calls difference.

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