If you’re looking for a smart way to keep in touch with old customers, a water heater sticker can make all the difference. Just download our water heater sticker template, edit it in Photoshop to add your company logo, website, and telephone number, and print them at your favorite copy shop. Any time you fix or install a water heater, just place your sticker on it so your customers will have your number handy the next time they need help.

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    You Will Need Photoshop to Edit This Sticker

    This sticker template is available as a .PSD file only, which means you will need Photoshop to open it.

    Once open, the dummy logo, phone number, and website are all saved as separate layers, making customization easy.

    The sticker is 3000 x 1800 pixels, or 10 x 6 inches at 300 dpi, and includes plenty of bleed margin. All aspects of this sticker were designed in-house by Contractor Calls and are available under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license.