Have you ever had too much business? Our clients have.

For over a decade, Contractor Calls has helped businesses from across the U.S. generate more calls, generate better calls, and get more out of each call.

To reach those goals, we do whatever it takes. Our team has developed a set of marketing, advertising, and SEO strategies that stand the test of time, offering you a long-lasting return on investment that will help you dominate your market and grow in ways you never even imagined.

While the competition is off chasing shiny pennies, you’ll be busy turning great calls into great customers. Contact us today to take the next step.

Ryyan Murphy, owner of Irish Heating & Air in Tracy, CA
“Contractor Calls is one of the few things I’ve encountered in business that pays for itself 50 fold. It’s allowed my business to grow steadily over past couple years and my prices to be on par with the bigger companies.”

Ryyan Murphy · Irish Heating and Air

Why Contractor Calls?

Heriberto Diaz

“I am Eric from East Bay Renovations and I love the way Glen and his team operate on creating my website. They are great at what they do. They helped me on optimizing my website, and putting my business name on all main web searches. I would definitely recommend them! Thanks for your great work!”

Eric Diaz • East Bay Renovations

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How it Works

1. You set your goals

Are you a landscaper in Boise that services six different towns and wants all the outdoor lighting installation jobs you can handle? Or are you a restoration contractor in Portland’s suburbs that wants more business in the big city?

Once we know your business goals, our team will analyze your market, research your competition, and create a customized action plan to meet them.

2. We optimize your website

Already have a website you love? No problem. Our team can optimize it without affecting its look and feel.

Don’t have a website at all? No problem! Our team can build one from scratch.

No matter where you start, by the time we’re done your website will load faster, convert better, and be ready for long-term growth.

3. We run your SEO campaign

Google uses more than 200 signals to determine where your site should rank for valuable searches like “water damage San Diego” and “roof installation in Tulsa.”

Each month, we’ll focus on the signals that will have the biggest impact on your business.

4. You get calls

Rankings are nice, but calls are better.

5. We support you, every step of the way

Need help with your Yelp reviews? Thinking of sponsoring a little league team? Need help answering all those calls?

We’ve worked 1-on-1 with enough platforms and contractors to know what works and what doesn’t. We’re happy to share our insights, introduce you to new tools, and help with those odds and ends.

Contractor Calls: get the calls you need to thrive

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