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There’s nothing easy about being a demolition contractor. Between the hard work, specialized knowledge, and the rigors of running a business, it can be a lot for anyone to handle.

But when it comes to lead generation, that’s where things get a little easier.

Since 2008, our team has been helping demolition contractors reach significantly larger audiences, build their brands, and develop sustainable lead channels with long-lasting results. Learn how Contractor Calls can make your business the next big success story or call now to book your free consultation.

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The Demolition Industry’s Unique Challenges

Like many other specialty contractors, demolition contractors often rely on a smaller number of high-quality leads to keep their businesses running.

  • Long sales process­—Demolition isn’t very time-sensitive for most clients, so the purchase cycle can be slower.
  • Inconsistent work—Many demolition businesses are closely tied to the construction industry, so demand can wax and wane with it.
  • High liability—High insurance premiums can inflate your overhead.
  • Heavy equipment—The necessary equipment can require a large upfront cost or high rental fees.

Why SEO for Demolition Businesses?

When most homeowners and businesses look for a demolition contractor, their search starts on Google. When your business shows up first, it sends a clear signal that Google trusts your business.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making your business rank high for your target searches. For example, you could target:

  • Commercial demolition in Dallas
  • Swimming pool demolition in Denver
  • Interior demolition Saint Louis
  • Concrete demolition Des Moines
  • Home demolition Decatur
  • Bathroom demolition New Haven

Roughly 25% of all Google users click the first result, so ranking first for these kinds of terms can generate significant business.

seo keywords for demolition contractors

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your SEO campaign can also:

  • Focus on local SEO and get you featured in the map pack
  • Build and manage profiles on 3rd party sites like Yelp and Yellowpages
  • Target related searches like “does it take longer to demolish reinforced concrete?”
  • Reach out to other local businesses and NPOs to build your network
  • Help you gather and respond to reviews to improve your reputation
  • Reach new markets or services with less up-front investment
  • Stabilize demand to level out slow seasons
  • Help you attract new employees

How Does Demolition Business SEO Work?

SEO is a complicated and evolving process that touches every aspect of your online presence.

While the exact mix of work we perform can change from month to month, it typically involves some combination of:

  • Growing your website with new pages and articles
  • Optimizing your website’s code and tags
  • Improving your website’s mobile behavior
  • Improving your website’s load speed
  • Building and upgrading profiles on 3rd party sites like Yelp
  • Building and upgrading your Google Business Profile
  • Building inbound links from a wide variety of sources
  • Publishing and distributing content that targets specific market segments
  • Adding new features to your website
  • Miscellaneous on page SEO
  • Improving website security
  • And much more

Experience has taught us that the most successful SEO strategy is a flexible one. Being able to quickly respond to changes with your market, your competition, and the search engine algorithms is the best way to dominate organic search engine results.

The Best SEO Keywords for Demolition Contractors

Depending on what kind of business you want to build, there are many different keyword options that can make good targets for demolition contractors:

Keyword Volume
demolition company 3900
demolition contractor 3600
demolition companies 3300
demolition contractor near me 2100
building demolition 1200
pool demolition 500
home demolition near me 500
construction demolition 500
demolition costs 400
concrete demolition contractor 350
interior demolition contractor 300
residential demolition contractor 300
commercial demolition contractor 300
building demolition contractor 300
demolition contractor insurance 200
demolition business 200
interior demolition contractor near me 150
house demolition contractor 150
home demolition contractor 100
selective demolition contractor 100
industrial demolition contractor 80
bridge demolition contractor 60
good demolition contractor 40
good demolition contractor near me 40
local demolition contractor 40
commercial demolition contractor services 40
contractor demolition 30
general contractor demolition 10
licensed demolition contractor 10
contractor for bathroom demolition 10
bathroom demolition contractor 10

Of course, this is just a short list of the possible keywords you can target. Unlike other SEO agencies, we also don’t limit the number of target URLs. Instead, we offer one flat price based on your company’s needs, service area, and local competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages, are the primary battleground of SEO. They include everything that comes up when you search for anything on Google, Bing, or another search engine. That can include organic results, Google ads, Local Services Ads, the map pack, and more.

It’s not easy to tell from a glance, unless you know what you’re looking for.

Telltale signs include:

  • Descriptive image alt tags that use keywords in a natural way
  • Internal link structures that support your most vital pages
  • Outbound links to high-quality, relevant websites
  • Fast load speed
  • Substantial text and multimedia content

The best way to tell for sure is to ask a reliable SEO specialist for a second opinion.

Please note that there are many other aspects of your website that can be optimized, but not all of them are worthwhile investments. For instance, some agencies will tell you that it’s vital to fill out every meta description for every page on your site. In reality, this is not a ranking factor, and Google can often generate more appropriate meta descriptions based on the searcher’s intent. That is also why many “SEO audit” tools produce recommendations that are not worthwhile or effective.

Search results and rankings are based on literally hundreds of factors, including inbound links, page structure, site structure, trust signals, and much more. They are also heavily personalized based on your search location and device.

Link building remains one of the strongest ways to influence search results. Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are the backbone of Google’s original search rankings patent. Linking to your site from another publisher helps establish credibility, and the context of the link helps determine relevance.

According to Google, “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings.”

Search engine technology and ranking factors are constantly evolving, and we can only make educated guesses about what your competitors are up to.

But while SEO involves a little more risk than some other forms of search marketing, that also means risk-adverse companies are less likely to seriously invest in it. That’s why most of our clients will tell you that SEO is their #1 lead channel by a large margin.

Is SEO Right for Me?

SEO isn’t the right answer for every demolition contractor, for several reasons:

  • Slow start up time—SEO is a great long-term investment, but it can take several months for your campaign to start producing meaningful results
  • Momentum—If you suddenly want to scale your business or change tactics, it can take some time for your SEO campaign to reflect that
  • Unpredictable—Our significant experience has taught us what to expect from a campaign, but competition, demand, and new Google policy changes can always impact it.

But if your goal is to establish long-term market dominance and a consistent lead channel, there are few better options than SEO.

The Contractor Calls Method

At Contractor Calls, we do things a little differently. All of our processes have been finely tuned to provide higher levels of service, care, and results for home service businesses and contractors, including demolition contractors.

1. We learn about your business

Before we even sign the contract, our team will do intensive research to learn exactly what kind of business you run, what kind of customers you want to reach, and how you want to grow. That allows us to make better plans from day one.

2. We research your market

Next, we’ll take a close look at your competitors to understand their investments, how they’re operating, and what it will take to beat them.

3. We offer you a flat rate

Based on your goals and the services you need, we’ll offer you a single flat monthly price that covers everything. We can even change services from month-to-month as your needs evolve at no additional cost to you.

4. We get to work

Each month we’ll deliver as much work as possible within the budget. We’re always open to input and we can pivot to new priorities on short notice.

5. You get results

Each month you’ll get a simple hand-written report that outlines exactly what we did, what impact it had, and what we’re working on next. While other SEO companies offer reams of spreadsheets and hour-long calls, we keep things simple and clean so you can better understand your investment and get more value from it.

6. We keep finding new ways to help

Whether you need a CRM, a call answering service, or a new Google ads campaign, we’re happy to help. Think of us as your point of contact for all of your business’s online needs.

Other Services We Offer

  • Web design: Our websites are built with SEO and marketing in mind. Our designs are extremely flexible and can evolve in any way you want.
  • Ad management: Our Google ad management services can help you develop another lead channel using tried and tested methods.
  • Other online marketing: From branding to running a social media contest, we have so many ways we can help grow your business.

We don’t work with any demolition contractor unless we’re confident that we can produce meaningful results. Please speak with a specialist about your needs today so we can help you determine if Contractor Calls is a good fit for your business.

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