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Are Google Posts Worth It for Roofers? We Look at the Real Numbers.

If you haven’t heard of Google Posts before, you’re in good company. Google Posts are Google’s latest way to let businesses share news, updates, and special offers with searchers. Google started experimenting with them in 2016 and opened them up [...]

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5 Topics that Restoration Contractors can Blog About to Become Local Leaders

One of the ways TSC Restoration has helped make a name for themselves in San Diego, one of the toughest markets in the country, is through extensive blogging. Their blog post a have become not only the backbone of their [...]

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Offline SEO: 7 Things You Can Do Offline to Help Your Business Online

Believe it or not, you don’t need a computer to improve your SEO. Back in 2006, former Googler Matt Cutts claimed that there were over 200 ranking factors that contribute to your website’s SEO. In reality though, that number is [...]

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Building a Brand: The Best Way for Plumbers to Combat Google’s Home Service Ads

There are two types of plumbers: The first kind is a commodity. They’re the first company you see in the phone book. They’re whoever picks up the phone. They’re the plumber that comes to mind when all a customer needs [...]

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Why Microchipping Your Employees Used to Be a Good Idea

Some of you may have noticed a weird news item this week: a vending machine software company out of Wisconsin just announced that they’re going to start microchipping their employees. In a move straight out of Black Mirror, CEO Todd [...]

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Local Content: The Key to Content Marketing in a Boring Industry

When you’re in a boring industry, it’s hard to get anyone to read your content. Why would anyone stop to read Joe the Plumber’s blog post on “how to fix a water heater” when a hundred other companies have already [...]

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