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While most of our guides and resources are specific to just one industry, some of our resources apply to lots of industries.

We hope that you’ll find our articles useful whether you’re a catering business, a live scan business, a dentist, an accountant, or anyone that wants to run a better business.

Local Content: The Key to Content Marketing in a Boring Industry

When you’re in a boring industry, it’s hard to get anyone to read your content. Why would anyone stop to read Joe the Plumber’s blog post on “how to fix a water heater” when a hundred other companies have already [...]

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Why You Should Link to Your Yelp Page in Your Email Signature

Okay, hear me out here. If you're a business owner and you hate Yelp, you're in good company. Their sales staff has the rabid tenacity of a pit bull on bath salts. Their rules for filtering reviews make less sense [...]

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It’s What You Know: How Sharing Your Expertise Can Grow Your SEO

If you own your own business, chances are good that you know your industry pretty well. Here are just a few of the places you can use that knowledge to help your business’s SEO: 1.     Answer Questions on Quora Remember [...]

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How to Squeeze More Out of Your Customers—Without Charging Them More

Getting new customers is hard when you’re a contractor. Most customers can’t tell the difference between one roofer, plumber, or painter and the next. Either you can do the job right or you can’t. Either you charge the least or [...]

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