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While most of our guides and resources are specific to just one industry, some of our resources apply to lots of industries.

We hope that you’ll find our articles useful whether you’re a catering business, a live scan business, a dentist, an accountant, or anyone that wants to run a better business.

SEO for Design-Focused Contractors: How to Play the Long Game

Plumbing services tend to have very short sales cycles. If someone’s water heater breaks, they generally don’t spend a lot of time researching the competition, checking on licenses, and checking warranty terms before they call around. They just want their [...]

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Why is Internal Linking so Effective for Home Service Businesses?

Internal linking has a strange place in the SEO world. Unlike AI-generated content or trying to optimize for EAT, it’s not newsworthy. Google doesn’t release updates about it often, and the best link practices doc they updated earlier this [...]

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Yelp vs. Google Reviews: Why Your Business Needs to Focus on Google

Every small business owner knows about Yelp reviews, but what about Google reviews? In the battle of Yelp vs. Google reviews, there are a few massive reasons that Google reviews are better for business owners. Not only are they more [...]

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How to Easily Fix a Fake Business Name on Google Maps

We’ve all seen it before. Some business owners don’t think twice about listing their company on Google Maps under a fake name in the hopes that it will earn them a couple extra bucks. Sometimes they will create several listings [...]

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7 Big Things You Didn’t Know About Google Reviews

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about Google reviews. If you’ve ever searched for a local business, you’ve probably seen them before. Here’s a few of them now: Ask a business owner about their Google reviews, however, and you’ll [...]

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Offline SEO: 7 Things You Can Do Offline to Help Your Business Online

Believe it or not, you don’t need a computer to improve your SEO. Back in 2006, former Googler Matt Cutts claimed that there were over 200 ranking factors that contribute to your website’s SEO. In reality though, that number is [...]

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Why Microchipping Your Employees Used to Be a Good Idea

Some of you may have noticed a weird news item this week: a vending machine software company out of Wisconsin just announced that they’re going to start microchipping their employees. In a move straight out of Black Mirror, CEO Todd [...]

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