AI-Generated Content and Roofing SEO: Is it a Good Fit?

Not too long ago, AI image generator DALL-E took the internet by storm. For the first time ever, anyone with a computer or a smartphone could suddenly generate images from text prompts, for free. Practically overnight, DALL-E went from [...]

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Top 5 Online Resources for Landscapers and Lawn Service Professionals

Running a landscape or lawn service business can be a challenge—there are plenty of balls to keep in the air. You need all the tools you can get to make running your business a little easier. You can benefit the [...]

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Professional Landscape Design Software – Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Professional landscape design software has come a very long way in just a few short years, and today it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of your options. From full-fledged options like Vectorworks Landmark to iPhone-ready landscape design apps like [...]

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Why SEO and Sprinkler Repair Are a Perfect Fit

SEO is a great fit for lots of businesses, but definitely not all of them. If you’re an irrigation contractor, a handyman, a landscaper, or any other kind of professional that offers sprinkler repair services, it’s worth learning why SEO [...]

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Are Google Posts Worth It for Roofers? We Look at the Real Numbers.

If you haven’t heard of Google Posts before, you’re in good company. Google Posts are Google’s latest way to let businesses share news, updates, and special offers with searchers. Google started experimenting with them in 2016 and opened them up [...]

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