SEO for Design-Focused Contractors: How to Play the Long Game

Plumbing services tend to have very short sales cycles. If someone’s water heater breaks, they generally don’t spend a lot of time researching the competition, checking on licenses, and checking warranty terms before they call around. They just want their [...]

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Why is Internal Linking so Effective for Home Service Businesses?

Internal linking has a strange place in the SEO world. Unlike AI-generated content or trying to optimize for EAT, it’s not newsworthy. Google doesn’t release updates about it often, and the best link practices doc they updated earlier this [...]

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AI-Generated Content and Roofing SEO: Is it a Good Fit?

Not too long ago, AI image generator DALL-E took the internet by storm. For the first time ever, anyone with a computer or a smartphone could suddenly generate images from text prompts, for free. Practically overnight, DALL-E went from [...]

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Top 5 Online Resources for Landscapers and Lawn Service Professionals

Running a landscape or lawn service business can be a challenge—there are plenty of balls to keep in the air. You need all the tools you can get to make running your business a little easier. You can benefit the [...]

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Professional Landscape Design Software – Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Professional landscape design software has come a very long way in just a few short years, and today it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of your options. From full-fledged options like Vectorworks Landmark to iPhone-ready landscape design apps like [...]

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Why SEO and Sprinkler Repair Are a Perfect Fit

SEO is a great fit for lots of businesses, but definitely not all of them. If you’re an irrigation contractor, a handyman, a landscaper, or any other kind of professional that offers sprinkler repair services, it’s worth learning why SEO [...]

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