Everyone tells you that your business needs to have a blog. It doesn’t matter if you’re a restaurant, dentist, or a tree care company: all you’ll ever hear is that you need content, content, and more content.

But if your business is in a less glamorous industry, it can be hard to figure out what to blog about, because it’s not immediately clear what role a blog should serve in your business.

So what should you write about on your tree care company’s blog?

Well, it turns out you have a lot more options than you realize. In fact, it’s not hard to generate enough ideas to last you for years.

In this article, we’ll run through a few different types of blog posts, how to put them together, and why they’ll help your business.

The Obvious Option: Blog About Trees and Tree Care

Once you’ve been in the tree care industry for long enough, it can be easy to forget just how much of your knowledge isn’t common knowledge. If you’ve ever been asked a tree care question by a customer that took more than 30 seconds to answer, congratulations, you just found a blog post topic.

If you’re drawing a blank, here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  1. How do I know when a tree is sick?
  2. How to know when it’s time to take a tree down
  3. Signs that your tree is dead
  4. How do you cut down a big tree?
  5. Stump removal vs. stump grinding: the pros and cons
  6. What’s the best time of year to trim a pine tree?
  7. What’s the best time of year to trim an oak tree?
  8. What’s the best time of year to pull a birch tree?
  9. Why you need to trim your trees at the right time of year
  10. Which trees require the most water?
  11. Which trees require the least water?
  12. What’s the best time to plant a tree?
  13. The 5 fastest growing trees you might have in your yard
  14. The 5 slowest growing trees you might have in your yard
  15. How do they trim really tall trees?
  16. What happens to a tree after you remove it?
  17. Why you shouldn’t plant trees too close to your house
  18. 9 fruit trees you should never plant in your yard
  19. 13 trees that are more trouble than they’re worth
  20. 7 trees that require next to no maintenance
  21. 11 trees that require too much care
  22. What soil is right for my new tree?
  23. How much do I have to water my new tree?
  24. What is the best time of day to trim a tree?
  25. Is there a wrong way to trim a tree?
  26. Is there a right way to trim a tree?
  27. The 6 biggest mistakes homeowners make when trimming their own trees
  28. How often should I trim my trees?
  29. How much does tree care cost?
  30. Why should I hire a professional tree trimmer?

Even if it’s easy to Google many of these topics, it’s all about demonstrating your expertise. Just make sure you promote these posts to your local market on Facebook if you want them to be seen, or consider publishing them as guest posts if you’re working on SEO for your tree care business.

Of course, if you decided to answer a real client’s question as a blog post, you should send it to them when you’re done. They’ll be shocked that you took the time to give them such a long, thoughtful answer, and more often than not they’ll share it was a dozen more people.

Of course, there’s another way to find readers for your blog posts…

blog post

Blog About Tree Care With a Local Twist

You’re probably not going to get much traffic from Google for any of those other topics, since they’ve already been covered by bigger sites with more SEO behind them. But try adding a local component to come up with more specific, and more useful, topics:

  1. The best time to water your trees in Syracuse, New York
  2. 5 fruit trees that thrive in Alameda County
  3. The 3 worst pests in Little Rock that can damage your trees
  4. 4 Trees that you won’t believe aren’t native to Omaha
  5. How tall do the redwoods grow in Santa Cruz?
  6. How much does tree care cost in Santa Barbara?
  7. What’s the best time of year to trim your trees in Fall River?
  8. The 6 messiest types of trees in Waukegan, IL
  9. 3 types of trees that realtors in Duluth love
  10. What’s the tallest tree in Lynchburg?
  11. Our 4 favorite evergreen trees in Hammond, Indiana
  12. 6 types of trees in Flower Mound that can survive pretty much anything
  13. What’s the best time of day to trim your trees in Mount Vernon?
  14. What do you call these 5 common trees in Gaithersburg?
  15. 5 trees that thrive in Tucson’s heat
  16. 9 non-native trees that thrive in Madison
  17. The best month for planting new trees in Beaverton
  18. The 7 trees that grow like weeds in Hawthorne
  19. 11 trees you should NEVER plant in Kirkland
  20. 3 trees that can increase your property value in St. Cloud

Will all of these topics automatically generate traffic from Google? No way. If you want to get Google traffic for all of your local tree care posts you’ll need good SEO on your site, plus some good keyword research to find topics that your website can rank for. An SEO company—and especially an SEO company that specializes in tree care SEO—can help with that.

But even without the help of an SEO company, these topics are so specific that most of them will generate at least a little bit of traffic from Google. Even if only one person each month searches for “drought tolerant trees” in San Ramon, your post on “5 trees in San Ramon that don’t need much water to thrive” could bag you a new client. Leave that blog post up for 5 years, and you could be looking at 60 new clients.

Not too shabby, right?

While we’re on that local kick…

local pizza- blog topics that don't involve tree care

Blog About Local Topics that Don’t Involve Tree Care

Now why would you want to do a thing like that?

Well, once you start looking at which topics have and haven’t been covered on other websites, you’ll start seeing gaps everywhere. Search for “best ice cream in Mansfield, Texas” and you’ll see a bunch of Yelp reviews—but nothing from someone who’s visited them all. Search for “the safest parks for kids in Battle Creek” and the results are pretty underwhelming.

So what makes you an expert?

The fact is, it doesn’t take much to be an expert. If you’ve visited every pizza parlor in Tulsa, congratulations. You’re now qualified to write about the best pizza parlors in Tulsa. If no one else has stepped up to create that list, that makes you the expert by default.

So why should you post that on your tree care company’s blog?

For a few reasons, actually:

  • People on Facebook are 10x more likely to share local content than tree care content. Your posts will go farther, and more people will be exposed to your brand.
  • If you mention businesses in your content, you can tag them when you post it to Facebook for even more sharing and goodwill.
  • If you create a useful resource for someone who might need your services later, they’ll generally remember it.
  • It shows your interests and values outside of work, which can help you connect with clients.
  • If Google sees that people are spending time on your site, clicking through to other pages, and generally engaging with it, that will help your SEO for other searches, too.
  • It’s easy for other local businesses and websites to link to. Local real estate bloggers love stuff like this.
  • If you get more people on your blog, you’ll expose them to your tree care posts, as well as your other calls to action:

Calls to action on Timberland Tree Care's blog

Here are just a few more ideas to get you started:

  1. The best walking trails in Bedford, Texas.
  2. The best pizza parlors in Stillwater
  3. The 3 best places to fly a kite in Aliso Viejo
  4. Where to find the freshest fish in Apopka, Florida
  5. The 5 best parks for a BBQ in Stillwater, OK
  6. Where to watch 4th of July fireworks in Collin County
  7. 5 kid friendly Halloween destinations near Broken Arrow
  8. 9 things we love about Fresno
  9. The 5 best restaurants for large families in Baltimore
  10. 4 charities we love in Aurora
  11. 6 quirky stores you’d be crazy to miss in Fremont
  12. The best dog parks in Madison, WI
  13. 11 things you didn’t know about Colorado Springs
  14. The 8 most famous people from Raleigh
  15. The best free events for families in Sacramento

Really, there are only a couple of rules for this kind of blogging:

  • Don’t trash talk anyone. Karma works both ways, and “the 5 worst restaurants in Dallas” doesn’t make you look like the good guy.
  • Try to post content that appeals to your target market. Tree care customers are generally middle to upper class homeowners, over 30, with kids. So content like “the 6 coolest punk music venues in Alameda County” might send the wrong message, and “the 5 best hotels in Omaha” won’t be much use for people who already live in Omaha.
  • If it’s been done already, either do it better or find another topic.
  • Don’t worry about writing something too specific. There’s always an audience that will appreciate “the 5 best restaurants in Tigard for people with gluten allergies,” and they will show that appreciation.
  • If you build it, they won’t just come. At the absolute least, post it to Facebook and spend $10 to promote it to people who live in your market.

tree care company truck

Blog About Your Tree Care Company

Some SEO experts will tell you not to blog about your own company, but I think that’s a huge mistake.

If you just hired a new employee, bought a new truck, are celebrating your company’s 5th year, or just took down a huge tree, you should absolutely post that on your blog. It might not bring in new clients, but it helps show potential clients who are shopping around what kind of company you are, that you take your company seriously, and that there are also real people behind the scenes. If your customers can connect to you, your values, and your sense of humor, you’re going to have an easier time doing business with them.

Here are just a few topics that are always fair game:

  1. Meet our new office dog!
  2. Congrats to Krissa on her 5 year anniversary
  3. Check out this huge tree we just trimmed in Miami
  4. Our fleet has grown!
  5. We’re proud to sponsor the 3rd annual Honolulu Invitational Golf Tournament
  6. Mark Ferris, a longtime friend of our company, needs your help
  7. We just trimmed our 5,000th tree
  8. Refer a new customer and get $200 off your next trimming
  9. Join us at the farmer’s market this Thursday
  10. Thank you to everyone who joined us at that farmer’s market last Thursday!
  11. Win a bottle of wine from our friends at Montressor Winery
  12. Vote for us in the Best of Amarillo contest and you could win a $50 gift card!
  13. What’s new at Black Mountain Tree Care, August 2017 Edition
  14. Mile High Tree Trimming is looking for a new location
  15. We are hiring!

When putting together these kinds of posts, just make sure that it contributes to the story of your company. If you treat your employees well, are growing, are thankful to your clients, and support your community, here’s the perfect place to show that. And if you just have a smaller update that might not warrant a whole blog post, there’s nothing wrong with just posting that to Facebook.

Oh, and make sure that posts about your company aren’t the only thing you publish. Your blog is ultimately for your customers, not for you, so lead with content that is helpful to them.

Does My Tree Care Service Need a Blog?

In the short term? No. There are lots of ways to grow a new tree care company that don’t involve blogging, so the blog can wait.

But in the long term? Yes. SEO is still one of the best ways to market a tree care business in the long term, and SEO just works better when you have a blog.

If you’re in tree care or another “boring” industry, you should also check out these tips for creating content in a boring niche.

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